Private label

We are engaged in Private Labeling for many countries around the world such as USA, UK, The Netherlands, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, South Korea and many more.

Packing options

We offer our products in PET jars of all major sizes, industrial bulk packing as well as pails and boxes.
For more information regarding packing option please contact us.

Pack Size 20 Feet Container
12/227g 5200 Cartons
12/283g 4200 Cartons
12/410g 3200 Cartons
12/454g 3100 Cartons
12/510g 2800 Cartons
12/680g 2100 Cartons
12/795g 1800 Cartons
12/1 Kg 1500 Cartons
12/340g 3650 Cartons
12/375g 3500 Cartons